College of Liberal Arts


The teaching and academic departments of the College of Liberal Arts (CLA) include the Department of Chinese Language and Literature, the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature, the English Language Center, the Center for Global Studies, the Center for the New Chinese Studies, the Center for Chaoshan Culture Studies, the Center for Religious Culture Studies and the Center for Women’s Studies. The College of Liberal Arts offers both undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Chinese language and literature as well as in English language and literature. It also administers recommendations of excellent undergraduate students for direct entry to top postgraduate programs in China.


In recent years, the College of Liberal Arts has been promoting its internationalization-oriented educational model in accord with the most advanced educational experiences of the world. It aims to educate excellent students with global vision and competence. It focuses on developing the students’ integrative thinking competence, expanding their global cultural horizon, sharpening their Chinese and English language skills, and cultivating their abilities in translation and cross-cultural communication. It also promotes teaching reform under the guiding principle of “Active Learning” and strives for an advanced liberal arts education that fully prepares students for modern society.


Mr. Li Ka Shing once said that STU students should be internationally competitive and also able to find their way home. In today’s glocalised world, we aspire to educate students to become professionals with a global vision and with international competitiveness.

We believe a “whole person” graduated from CLA should possess the following six attributes:

1. Sound knowledge and expertise to exercise his/her profession in both the East and the West;

2. Passion for artistic and intellectual pursuits;

3. Compassion for life and for his/her fellow human beings;

4. A humble attitude towards nature and a deep gratitude towards tradition;

5. Critical thinking capacities and team spirit;

6. Transcultural competence and a global vision.

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