Department of Chinese Language and Literature

● Introduction

The Department of Chinese Language and Literature (CLL) is one of the oldest departments in Shantou University (STU). It is also one of the departments in STU that has brought up most talents and has the richest academic tradition. Its enrollment of undergraduate and postgraduate students started respectively in 1983 and 1993. In 2011, the Category One Postgraduate Program was established. CLL is a leading academic institute in humanities research in East Guangdong. It enjoys high recognition in the academia at home and abroad.


Among the 31 faculty members in CLL, there are 12 professors, 15 associate professors and four lecturers. 86.7% of our faculty are PhD holders, four of them being supervisors for doctoral students. Over 30% of our teachers have studied or worked abroad. Our faculty team includes the world-renowned Sinologist and scholar Professor Wolfgang Kubin and the internationally distinguished poet Yang Lian.


Aiming to nurture excellent international and innovative talents in the humanities, CLL focuses on students’ bilingual (English and Chinese) competence, an international humanistic scope, integrative thinking abilities and capacities in literary creation, and digital humanities. For the students’ better development, the department has recently established the "Global Studies Honors Degree", the “Film and Visual Arts” program and other distinctive educational projects. The program Chinese Language and Literature has been recognized as an Excellent Provincial-Level Program. Our students have won important awards in professional competitions as the Gold Hedgehog College Students' Theater Festival and the Global Youth Chinese Literary Award. Their employment rate has remained 100% for years, with provincially leading employment quality.


Chinese Language and Literature is listed as a Category One Postgraduate Program. Under this program, there is a complete high-quality set of disciplines with five Category Two Postgraduate Programs, namely, Classical Chinese Literature, Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature, Chinese Philology, Literature and Arts, and Comparative Literature and World Literature. CLL is currently developing its disciplines and preparing for the application of a Category One Doctoral Program.


CLL has a rich academic tradition. We have achieved plentiful research outcomes. As a team, we have conducted two national key research projects, nine general and youth projects funded by the National Social Science Foundation of China, and numerous provincial-level research projects. In recent years, our faculty have published 16 quality academic monographs and tens of academic papers on key Chinese journals and prestigious overseas journals. We have obtained important research awards, including the Ministry of Education Humanities and Social Sciences Achievement awards as well as the Provincial Social Science Achievement Award. Our researches in New Sinology, Overseas Chinse Literature and Overseas Sinology have had a significant impact both in China and abroad.

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