Department of Foreign Languages and Literature

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature (FLL) is one of the three oldest departments in Shantou University and possesses rich educational and academic traditions. It began to enroll English major undergraduate students in 1983. The first postgraduate students were enrolled under joint admissions with Beijing University and Sun Yat-Sen University in 1993, and then independently from 2007. The FLL will start to recruit Spanish major undergraduates from 2019. At present, the department has approximately 300 full-time students, including both BA and MA students.

The FLL has 26 faculty members, including 6 full professors and 10 associate professors. Around 70% of the faculty hold PhDs, and about 50% have overseas education or working experience. The FLL has abundant research outputs in the fields of linguistics and applied linguistics, literature and translation, intercultural and regional studies, and foreign language education. In addition to continuous publication of high-quality academic papers in SSCI, A&HCI, CSSCI and other top-tier journals, FLL faculty have recently published over 10 academic monographs and translations of English and Chinese classics. The FLL has created a unique voice and influence in the development of foreign languages and literature studies.

The FLL offers two undergraduate programs: English Language & Literature and Spanish Language & Literature. Each program boasts a systematic, progressive curriculum and an innovative student-centered pedagogy. Students pursue self-directed learning and independent study for individualized development, attaining a high level of academic success. In the annual national English major examinations, i.e. TEM-4 and TEM-8, the average pass rate of FLL students usually exceeds that of all comprehensive universities by around 30 percentage points, and that of all colleges and universities by 40 to 50 percentage points. Our students have also won various important awards and prizes, including the Grand Champion of the FLTRP Cup (2013), the Runner-up of team competition in the Final of the Fifth National Interpretation Competition (2016).  Alongside their English or Spanish major, students may choose to study in a dual major, such as Business Administration. The FLL also offers an English MA, a dual major in English, the Global Studies Honors Program, and the teaching of French, Japanese and Spanish language course to students as a second foreign language. Students can apply for opportunities to study abroad for one year, half a year, or short study visits. The FLL is proud to offer overseas exchange programs with outstanding partners such as McGill University in Canada, Dublin City University and National University of Ireland Galway, the University of Kentucky and Pace University in the United States, Southern Cross University in Australia, and University of Sevilla in Spain.

The FLL is committed to cultivating English and Spanish professionals who have meaningful awareness of Chinese and global cultures, strong critical thinking, and the ability to integrate and disseminate the essence of East and West. FLL students gain the knowledge, ability, and professional competence for success in cross-cultural communication contexts. The employment rate for FLL graduates has remained at nearly 100% for years, among the best in Guangdong province.

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