English Language Center

The English Language Center (ELC) at Shantou University (STU) was established in 2003 with support from the Li Ka Shing Foundation. It employs an innovative approach to English Language Teaching in the Chinese/Asian context. The ELC provides an integrated language education for all students at Shantou University. The core of the program consists of a two-year series of required courses that equips students with the English skills they will need for academic work in their studies at STU and also for professional life after graduation.

The Center also offers elective courses to help students develop specialized English skills (e.g., debate, public speaking, academic writing), as well as ESP courses geared toward the needs of specific academic majors (e.g., English through Art, Global Law English). This program of courses is supported by a rich and varied set of co-curricular activities sponsored by the ELC and facilitated by ELC faculty.

● ELC’s Mission Statement

The English Language Center at Shantou University is dedicated to teaching excellence and providing a supportive language learning environment, in which students can develop their communicative competence and critical thinking strategies through both curricular and co-curricular activities in a vibrant, creative intellectual community.

Five Golden Rules of Language Learning:

– Proficiency

– Autonomy

– Sustainability

– Intercultural Competence

– Critical Thinking

● Special Features of the ELC Program

– Co-Curricular Activities:

The ELC sponsors around 20 different clubs and activities through which students can further develop their English outside class. These activities provide opportunities to practice key English skills and create an on-campus atmosphere in which English is alive beyond the classroom.

– Intercollegiate English Festival (EF):

This annual festival celebrates and encourages outstanding achievement in performance through contests in English speech, debate, and singing and through English-language theater. Top schools from China’s mainland, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Singapore, Japan and other countries/regions are invited to participate in these contests.

– Voice and Accent Training (VAT):

The ELC’s special emphasis on building students’ oral proficiency is enhanced by a special set of voice and accent training courses and activities.

– Center for Independent Language Learning (CILL):

The ELC’s emphasis on building learners’ autonomy is supported by CILL, which provides language study resources, guidance and support as students learn how to design and carry out effective programs of independent language study for English and other languages.

International Conferences:

Every other year, the ELC holds an international TEFL conference, with prominent invited speakers from China and abroad. This gives teachers from the ELC and other universities in the region a chance to exchange ideas and learn from each other’s best practices.

– IELTS and Aptis Tests:

As an IELTS Recognition Organisation, we offer IELTS preparation courses and workshops to STU students and also financial rewards for students with good IELTS scores. The Aptis Speaking Test designed by the British Council is used as the ELC Level 4 Exit Oral Test for undergraduate students and the English Exit Oral Test for postgraduate students.

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