Center for Chaoshan Culture Studies


Established at the end of 1990 under the guidance of Professor Rao Zongyi, the Center for Chaoshan Culture Studies (CCCS) at Shantou University is the first academic institute focused on international Chaoshan Studies. The Center aims to do research on local and ethnic culture, serve the Chaoshan community in and outside China, contact experts around the globe and promote the academic development of international Chaoshan studies. Its former directors include Professor Du Jingguo, Professor Huang Ting and Professor Chen Zhanshan. Currently it is headed by Professor Chen Jingxi.

Supervised by Professor Rao Zongyi, the Center carried out a series of academic research activities. So far, we have completed one national social sciences project, three provincial key projects in social sciences, one provincial specially-commissioned project in social sciences and one provincial project in the higher education of social sciences. A new national social sciences project is in progress. The monograph Chaoshan History (Volume 1) compiled by Huang Ting and Chen Zhanshan was awarded the “Excellent Achievement in Philosophy and Social Sciences of Guangdong Province.” The Center has held several high-level academic symposiums, including the “First Annual Conference of the China Historical Documents Institute & Symposium on Chaozhou Historical Documents and Culture,” the “Symposium of Maritime Silk Road and Chaoshan Culture,” the “2nd International Conference on Chaozhou Studies,” the “Symposium of Qiu Fengjia and the Modern China,” the “Academic Seminar on the Collection and Study of the Epigraphy in Chaoshan” and the “5th Glocal Chaoshan Symposium: People, Society, and Culture.”

The Center works closely with the local non-governmental academic association Center of Chaoshan History and Cultural Studies. Professor Du Jingguo, the first director of our center, was the co-founder and the director of the 1st Academic Board of this non-governmental association. The present director, Professor Chen Jingxi, was the director of the 2nd Academic Board and the Youth Board of the association. The two centers have collaborated on research and publication. Products of such collaboration include the monograph Chaoshan Library and the academic journal Chaozhou-Shantou Culture Research, the chief editors of the latter are Professor Rao Zongyi, Professor Du Jingguo and Professor Huang Ting respectively.

With a global academic perspective, the Center will continue its research on the social and cultural aspects of the Chaoshan, Hakka, She and Dan communities, the contemporary new immigrants and the Chaoshan, Hakka, She and Dan people in overseas Chinese communities. Ultimately, we aim to develop a well-reputed academic program in social sciences at Shantou University to make Shantou an important place for international Chaoshan studies and to contribute to the people-to-people exchanges of the Belt and Road Initiative. 


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