Center for Women’s Studies

The Center for Women’s Studies (CWS), founded in 2009, is now a member and/or a partner of several academic organizations: the Chinese Women’s Research Society, the Women / Gender Research and Training Base, the Association for Social Work Education, the Women's Professional Social Work Committee, and the Project Define Training Expert Group. The Center aims to cater with available resources for teaching and research within the university and to bridge prominent scholars and academic institutions within the country and abroad by offering highly specialized and general liberal arts courses for students. We provide a platform for generating and sharing ideas and scholarships as well as for the development of empowering women’s philanthropic programs in the pursuit of gender justice and social development.

● CWS Tasks on Women/Gender Issues

– CWS advances the latest research on women and gender studies to broaden the students’ horizon in the field.

– The Center develops courses that foster the students’ reflections and growth on gender related issues while they creatively deal with and help solve problems of Chaoshan women.

Research Platform on Women’s Studies

– Focusing on Chaoshan Women Studies, CWS has carried out data collection for the building of their oral history. The center has made a considerable contribution to the so far limited studies on Chaoshan women’s issues.

– The Center has cooperated with other women studies organizations in China and abroad on research project approval, while supporting STU for specific research on women issues.

Lectures, Seminars and Workshops

The CWS has invited many renowned scholars and female role models to STU to hold lectures or workshops, which has contributed with fresh information and inspiration to the education of STU students. The Center has also organized creative activities on campus combined with the debate of hot topics related to gender issues.

Other Relevant Activities

The CWS makes an important contribution to the development of local women by doing research and by helping them in their education, training and reinstatement in society.It supports the Women’s Philanthropy Projects sponsored by the Li Ka Shing Foundation.The CWS has developed a Women Resource Center with a database for women and gender studies that includes a fine collection of books and DVDs.

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