Center for Religious Culture Studies

The Center for Religious Culture Studies (CRCS) under the College of Liberal Arts of Shantou University has been established to promote the holistic study of Chaoshan religious culture. It aims at advancing academic research about this culture as well as to deepen a humane care for the world in both the faculty and the students.

CRCS, formerly set up as the Center for Christian Studies (CCS) under the CLA of STU, was initiated in 2009 and formally established in 2010. Intended “to set up an international platform for academic research and to widen the perspectives of Chaoshan Studies” as its two main missions, CCS organized a series of programs related to teaching, research, and cultural exchange, which have won considerable social recognition. On this basis, 2017 saw the renaming of CCS as CRCS, now aimed at furthering academic horizons and enhancing the depth and breadth of academic research. The new Center will devote itself to the study of a variety of religions and cultures, specifically China’s religious ecology, Chinese religions and traditional culture, the history and culture of Chinese Buddhism, religious charity, as well as Judaism and Jewish culture, among other fields.

● Mission and Expectations

– Teaching

To promote a holistic life education in the students and to cultivate their social responsibility and willingness to serve the public.

To foster in the students a cultural and academic awareness that covers diverse, global and local issues.

– Academic Research

To advance the study of religious cultures and to strengthen and enrich Chaoshan studies

To preserve Chaoshan culture and to diffuse the heritage of Chinese culture to the international community

Fields of Research

Religious ecology in China

Chinese religions and traditional culture

The history and culture of Chinese Buddhism

Religion and charity

Judaism and Jewish culture

Main Programs

Courses: general education courses and Comparative Literature and World Literature —A Postgraduate Course

Holistic life education lectures and workshops

Visiting scholars

Academic conferences

Archive and Special Collections of Chaoshan Christianity

 Research projects

Academic publications

McGill University
University of Seville
Dublin city university
Wellesley University
Pace University
Autonomous university of Madrid
Tesol International Association
The website about Chaoshan People